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There are different ways to keep up with good health and fitness level. One is to hire a personal trainer; that would cost you a lot and another is to look for fitness trackers. These locators are popular gadgets that help you keep track of your health. Whenever you are doing some physical exercise, even as simple as a power walk, it would be recorded and measured. Choosing trackers is, in fact, cheap and the best option.

Let’s look at the best five affordable health trackers.

General fitness gadget

Fitbit Zip is a small gadget that is easy to carry due to its ability to easily cling to your clothes. You can even use it with the arm strap or the wrist, as you wish. This gadget is easy to use, as it monitors the steps taken along with the calories burned and the distance covered. Fitbit is compatible with fitness applications that you can already assume like Loseit and MyFitnessPal. You will feel appreciated after completing an aptitude level when you are awarded badges for this gadget. The Fitbit website offers you a meal plan to help you take control of your calorie intake and monitor your food consumption. In this way, you get a lot in terms of keeping your fitness on two different levels. The gadget is available on for $ 52.53.

Keeping a sleep trail

If you think that constantly working is good for your health, then you need to know more about it. You need healthy sleep for better health. To that end, there are fitness trackers that are able to monitor your sleep and quality patterns. However, the best is Fitbug Orb which is a small locator that fits with a clip. This fitness tracker helps you keep track of your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Those who want to keep track of their sleep patterns would have to tie it up when they go to bed. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices; you can buy it for $ 49.95.

Tracking sports activities

For all those who like to indulge in water sports and activities like swimming, they need something special like Misfit Flash. It is a fitness tracker that is designed to withstand any splash that is safe to take to the pool with you. You can count steps, keep track of calories burned and distance traveled. In addition, you will love it for keeping a path for activities like basketball, swimming, cycling, and even tennis. The gadget is well equipped to follow the physical form of any activity you perform. Available for $ 49.99 you can choose from vibrant colors like onyx, reef, fuchsia, wave, and shavings.

Wireless pedometer

Striiv Play is a pedometer that is wireless and helps you keep track of every step you take. Continue to record your physical activity, regardless of the activity you are doing. You can compete against your friends using this activity tracker to help you stay ahead of them or better yourself. Striiv Play is available to iOS users only as of now with a price of $ 39.99.

Monitor your heart rate

If you are concerned about the health of your heart, then you can use lIfeTrak C200 Core. It is more of a fitness device that helps you lose body fat by tracking your heart rate. This way you will know your level of aptitude and follow up. You can use it as a wristwatch, which collects pulse data from other applications and helps you monitor your heart rate. It records the number of calories burned and helps you analyze how much more you need to move forward. You can buy it at, it will cost you $ 40.30.

Tracking your health is now easy if you use any of the above health tracking devices. Choose the one that suits you best and give you everything you need without burning holes in your pocket.

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