Day 9 – Balance | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

We took to practicing today with a breathing technique that can help balance the brain and body. Alternative nostril breathing, also known as Nadhi Shodana, is a ….

31 thoughts on “Day 9 – Balance | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

  1. The energetic body can often go unnoticed. We don’t even realize we are quite off balance until things are so bad they begin to show up in a more harsh or glaring way.
    Practices such as yoga and breath techniques, like Nadhi Shodhana, offer us a way to better keep in alignment.
    How are you feeling today after this Balance practice?

  2. I really recommend this practice to everyone. I've always had breath problems due to lack of concentration and way too many things on my mind, but now I feel like I'm learning how to breath again! Through today's practice i started coughing, since i'm not used to breathe this deep, and kind of panicked but then i remembered "breath is my anchor, my anchor is my breath" and I instantly felt better. Thank you so much Adriene, I really wouldn't know how to manage if this channel didn't exist lol

  3. I REALLY had a hard time showing up today, but I'm so so glad and proud that I did. Might be the best after practice feeling yet in this 30 day journey! Namaste everyone <3

  4. Today was amazing, just what I needed for the hips and hamstrings. I wobbled a bit but I persisted and it was fun! My first 30 day yoga challenge and I have the previous six scheduled to catch up on.🤪

  5. Hard to show up today and not be tough on myself with balancing (or lack of!!), but this is becoming a real part of my routine and I am always so glad to have shown up, especially when I don't feel like it! Thanks Adriene and everyone practising together x

  6. I find I’m doing well with the balancing poses, but still having trouble with some of the lunges and movements from one move to the next. Also on the one nostril breathing I felt that it was difficult to get the nostril open once it was closed, did anyone else have that issue? I do have some sinus issues so hoping all this breathing helps! Happy I’m still here at day 9!

  7. I want to give myself a shout out for doing this while my 1 year old wreaked havoc around me. This was the first time it felt like a short practice, too, I’m so excited! Hope it goes awesomely for everyone.

  8. amazing flow! had to add only tiny modifications but worked great with my 5months belly! Thank you Adriene, thank you to all people working on YWA, thank you fellow yogis for sharing this practice with me. Always amazed when I refresh at the end of the practice and realize how many souls were sharing. Namaste

  9. I loved this so much today and I am feeling so happy at my small improvement in one legged poses. Thank you for everything you teach especially honouring ourselves, our practice and our breath. Sending love to everyone practising. ❤

  10. Did anyone else feel really dizzy after today’s practice? I was just thinking, what a nice Yoga practice. Then I tried to sit up, and the room spun. Never had that happen before.

  11. It’s taken me a year for the time I subscribed to your email Adriene- but finally you have me doing a daily practice. Albeit short it’s daily and it’s blowing the stress out of my NHS work life. Grateful does not even give justice to how I feel about your kind soothing healing words. I’m spreading the word at work.

  12. My longest straight run of yoga, 9 days and I'm feeling pretty damn awesome. Thank you. Namaste 🙏

  13. Who would have thought, strength and flexibility are not my biggest problems – it’s balance 😅

  14. Good morning from Wallabi Pt Australia. I love this journey, doing the breath practices washed in early morning summer sun. The balancing today was challenging but I wobbled my way through 😊🥰

  15. It was great to see that over 10,000 other people did this video the same time I did. We are not alone. We are all in this together ❤️🙏

  16. Here I am….I made it to my mat. It’s been a long and more difficult week then usual. I am grateful I have this practice available, it helps reset my mind, body and spirit. Thank you Adrienne

  17. I woke up with a migraine and really didn’t feel like showing up today. I’m glad I pushed myself and did anyways.

  18. Thank you Adriene for the right ‘balance’ 😉 of how long to work on balance. I felt challenged but not overwhelmed. And, building on our previous days here, my awareness of what my body is doing and where to lend support to the poses is improving. Feeling so good today! 💕🙏

  19. During airplane pose I kind of looked like a crashing airplane spinning out of control today! 😂🤣 How do you make it look so easy, Adriene?! I’m looking forward to tomorrow, though!

  20. I had to wrap up myself like a burrito today 😜. Enjoying your beautiful practice and the beautiful snow falling down in Austin today! 😍

  21. It was particularly hard for me to bring myself onto the mat today. But I showed up and I gave myself a little kiss on my arms after the session and whispered “Well done, I love you.” 🙏🏽❤️

  22. I'm a regular watcher of yoga with Adriene. I love the practice's. I never comment. This is my first time doing one of the 30 day series as it's posting. I just wished to share with all that are watching. My favorite mantra that Adriene frequently says. I hear it even when it's not said. It helps guide me though harder practices and balance is not my strong suit yet. Just a little reminder "HONOR WHERE YOU ARE TODAY" .

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