How to grow long hair in six months: 5 rules

Many teenage girls experiment with their appearance, for example, by dyeing their hair blonde. Unlucky ones get several shades at a time.

Further, many people pull their hair with an iron on an ongoing basis, continue their experiments, not only lighten their hair with simple and cheap paint, but also paint over individual strands, as it was fashionable before.

Someone dyes their hair either black or white, make washes, then dye their hair again and so on ad infinitum. Someone cuts off the bangs, the hair is getting shorter and shorter. Only good genetics and adolescence saves, when the body is completely healthy and young, and the hair can withstand a lot.

Of the care products, many in their youth had a moment was a shampoo, sometimes a balm. Perhaps on holidays, a mask. But the hair remained in relatively decent condition. That is, one could not get carried away too much, only experiments and experiments.

But in modern times, the hair finally deteriorates, someone may have had the effect of passing exams and stress. Hair can fall out or just break and not grow.

Personally, I had to cut my bob, but it didn’t fit me, although I received a lot of compliments, it didn’t suit me. Later, seeing that my hair still didn’t want to grow, I bought myself tresses to try it on and see how it would be with long ones. Of course, like any girl, I liked it, and now I am growing my hair in the first years of university.

I looked with envy at the girls who have natural long hair to the waist, and have already resigned myself to the idea that I will extend forever and I will not have such hair … If you want to try hair extensions, see more details here. For those looking to grow their hair, read on.

Care rules:

1) The first step is to take tests, you may have a deficiency of nutrients, you simply do not have enough iron or other substances in the body, and no matter how hard you try, you will not see long and healthy hair, it will simply not grow. All the same, healthy hair is a healthy body as a whole, and this is where any care should begin.

2) More does not mean better and faster. Be patient when growing hair. The fact that you buy a bunch of unsuitable jars and bottles, your hair will not become like Rapunzel in six months or even a year. Most often it takes at least two years to grow, if your own hair is not dyed and not burned out, or even 3 or even 4. While you cut off everything dry and lifeless, until new ones grow …

3) Proper nutrition. Nutritional supplements. Omega 3, selenium, vitamins right for you. Sleep 7-9 hours.
I personally met more than one or two girls, with luxurious flowing hair to the waist, who do not use any multi-layer care, they just live for themselves, not worrying too much about their hair, go in for sports, eat right, rest and live positively. And that’s all, the whole secret. They don’t have hundreds of jars on the hair table before, during, after washing. It’s not genetics, it’s a way of life.

4) No paints, irons. The maximum is a hairdryer. If everything is clear with paint, a lot has been written about its dangers, there are no harmless ones and I will not repeat myself, then with an iron there is another song. The fact is that hair is a protein, it is destroyed under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hair with cool water. A hot iron on your hair for the sake of a one-day smoothness is harmful. The hair dryer is not so harmful, it does not heat up to 200+ degrees. Accordingly, it is better not to get carried away with them either, it is still better to exclude them.

5) Refuse from botox, keratin, collagen wrap and other new products.
Do not think that the hairdresser you can bring money to will tell you the truth about the procedure. Of course, you will be told about hair restoration and nutrition, although what restoration can be if you have logic and more or less understand chemistry, biology and processes?

How will the hair “nourish”, “heal”, “recover” from exposure to high temperature? Most often these are harmful procedures, and I advise you to avoid them.

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