I tried Ariana Grande's Diet for 24 hours!

I pretended to be Ariana Grande for 24 hours and ate like her and tried her diet! Is this how she is so small? Shop my store ➭ My ….

30 thoughts on “I tried Ariana Grande's Diet for 24 hours!

  1. Fun fact ! She likes cayenne pepper. She lost weight cause of that which stops hunger.

  2. Tiffany- I gained like 3 pounds but I lost 2 of them
    Me- trying to loose 3 pounds but ends up gaining 6 pounds

  3. Nice video. Although it triggered me really badly that you were triggered by the fact that the straw was plastic, but like, even if the straw wouldn't have been plastic, the whole cup was of plastic.. sadlife.

  4. Thanks for the vid this is what i eat in a day

    Breakfast: Rice crispies with apple sauce or fruit or bread with cream cheese

    Snack: fruit or goldfish sometimes apple sauce

    Lunch: sandwich with fruit

    Snack: same as the first snack

    Dinner: vegan meal beacuase my parents are vegan and i live with them

    So that is it also i try to drink a lot of water the whole day P.S please tell me if u think that the foods that i eat are healthy

  5. Hi girl ! LOVE the video , but ariana is allergic to bananas , so they were lying but still an amazing video/ series !! 😂🥰

  6. a vegetarian with a pure breed dog, leather (?) car seats and using a lot of disposable packaging but complains about the plastic straw… ok.

  7. i agree why are people so black and white with what people eat and their eating habits, especially celebs

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